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Listen: Bandish Projekt Collaborates With UK Power Pop Act Penguins Rising

Mayur Narvekar aka Bandish Projekt features on the UK band’s new single from their soon-to-be-released album

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Oct 25, 2013
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Narvekar in the video for "Hate Male".

Narvekar in the video for “Hate Male”.

Earlier this year during his UK tour, Mayur Narvekar, who goes by the stage name Bandish Projekt, met Zak Starkey, guitarist of the three-member UK band Penguins Rising. Starkey was familiar with Bandish Projekt’s music and since his own music was influenced by Indian classical melodies that were introduced to him by his father Ringo Starr, the collaboration doesn’t come as a surprise. “Hate Male,” the latest single from Penguins Rising, has the Bandish Projekt stamp in its Indian electronica influences and is unlike the UK band’s usual raw, scuzzy sound. Says Narvekar of the track that was produced in three days during an experimental jam session, “The basic idea and the structure of the song was all theirs and they’d performed the song earlier. But they wanted to have an Indian touch to it. So I came in and added the sitars, dubbed my tabla in and changed the structure a bit and now we have this.”

Narvekar tells us that he also remixed “Hate Male” to create a breakbeat dubstep version. He adds, “I also remixed another song from the album which might appear on it.” Narvekar is currently working on the next Bandish Projekt album Connekt and has already released a single from it titled “Alchemy” featuring UK spoken word artist, Last Mango in Paris. He adds, “I’m currently tied up with this album and plan to release it this year.”

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There’s also plans of a Bandish Projekt tour with Penguins Rising, which includes vocalist/harmonist Sharna ”˜Ssh’ Liguz and drummer Javier Weyler (ex-drummer for The Stereophonics), besides Starkey. Penguins Rising has previously toured as the support act for English rock act Kasabian and former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher’s band, Beady Eye. They continue to collaborate and perform with vocalist Tom Meighan of Kasabian.

Bandish Projekt performs a DJ set on the November 8th along with Madboy/Mink at D’Bell, Lower Parel in Mumbai.

Listen to the Bandish Projekt breakbeat/dubstep remix of the collaboration here. 

Watch the “Hate Male” video here:

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