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Bann Chakraborty Returns to Releasing Music Independently

The new single by the former frontman of New Delhi rockers Orange Street is called ‘Wish for Love’

David Britto Apr 11, 2022

Mumbai-based musician Bann Chakraborty. Photo: Naveen Dubey

It was back in 2003 when Mumbai-based musician Bann Chakraborty last launched music with his former band, New Delhi rockers Orange Street. That release was the album Dharma. Since then, Chakraborty focused on his work as a composer for films and advertisements, as well as running independent music publication Rock Street Journal.

However, once the pandemic hit, Chakraborty decided to go back to basics and began brushing up on his skills from music theory to production. He says, “I was exploring other aspects that I hadn’t been able to because of my work schedules in film and advertising.” While doing so, the seasoned artist began writing new material and is now out with his newest release, the electro-rock track “Wish for Love.” He says, “It’s exciting and it’s helping me evolve further at this phase of my life.”

Chakraborty informs us that “Wish for Love” used to also be on Orange Street’s setlist back in the day at gigs. For the just-released version, Chakraborty worked with New Delhi guitarist Saibal Basu to bolster the song’s structure and sound. The track also features Qawali singer Qadir Niyazi. “The sound of this track is very close to my heart and really expresses my primary instinct as a songwriter,” says Chakraborty. He adds, “For me lyrically and conceptually it is a wink at your abilities to love in the world that we live in.”

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“Wish for Love” includes a booming bassline, groovy drums, Niyazi’s elegant vocals amidst plenty of distorted guitar riffs juxtaposed with electronic elements and Bann’s gritty voice that make for a tasty listen. The track was recorded remotely between Mumbai and New Delhi, and Basu mixed and mastered it. “I look up to musicians like him [Basu] and feel honored that he agreed to be part of this track,” Chakraborty shares.

With more singles set to release over the course of the year, he also plans to direct music videos for them and collaborate with filmmakers he’s a fan of. There’s also more composing for films and advertisements, plus work as part of an upcoming Netflix feature film for which the artist has composed two songs as well as the background score. “I am hoping it will be a good surprise for everyone,” he says. 

Stream “Wish for Love” on Spotify below and on other platforms.


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