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BBC’s Sohail Arora and DJ Collective AlgoRhythm kick off Flux Nights

A series of shows will be held in Mumbai, to promote underground dance music (read not dub step)

rsiwebadmin May 19, 2012
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Sohail Arora performing at the first Flux Night

First there was Wobble, then Ghettoblaster and now Flux Nights. Mumbai’s underground alternative nightlife gets a facelift every now and then, with new dance music events.

Flux Nights is the brainchild of Bay Beat Collective’s Sohail Arora and AlgoRhythm, a new DJ collective that includes Varun Patra and model-turned-DJ Paloma Monnappa. Arora’s booking agency Krunk is curating Flux Nights which claims to play everything from “chillwave and nu-disco to lo-fi, glitch and ghetto funk,” according to their Facebook profile page. 

“The current electronica scene is pretty static. Everybody seems to be just playing drum ”˜n’ bass or dubstep. We wanted to play to an audience which wanted something new and that’s how Flux Nights came up,” explains Patra.

The first Flux Night was held in the beginning of this month at Rude Lounge, Bandra, where Patra says the trio played “glitch, Daft Punk and drum ”˜n’ bass. It was our first night, so we didn’t want to play up on shock value rather ease the crowd into a new sound and gauge reaction. People responded well,” says Patra.

It’s rather early to pinpoint whether Flux Nights will be any different from other alternative dance music nights such as Wobble. “We are curating tracks by new artists everyday so that people get an idea of what we are working towards,” says Patra, who is building the buzz around his new project via their blog.  For now, the blog seems like an online Pinterest board of Skrillex videos, songs by UK electro funk duo Summer Camp and music by a few new Indian artists such as the electro glitch duo Esho Funi and drum ”˜n’ bass DJ Alix Perez.

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Here’s their promo video from their first Flux Night 


The next Flux Night will be held in at High Spirits, Pune on May 20th where Arora, AlgoRhythm and Ox7Gen will be DJing.

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