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Behemoth Frontman Nergal on ‘Deflowering India’ at Deccan Rock IV

Watch the Polish death metal band’s inimitable frontman talk about his trip to Varanasi, prepping for a performance and their plans for the rest of the year

Anurag Tagat Sep 26, 2016
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When we catch up with metal’s most intense personalities ”“ Adam Darski aka Nergal ”“ the frontman of Behemoth drops a few bombshells during our video interview. “I’m hoping to catch a nap after this, because I’m feeling a little bit off,” says Nergal.

Nergal had just landed in Hyderabad a few hours prior, for their debut India show at the fourth edition of metal festival Deccan Rock on September 24th. He was coming in from a solo trip to Varanasi, where he spent a couple of days surrounded by the Ganga, ghats and getting Aghoris to raise the devil horns.

As calm and composed as he is, seated in his hotel room, Nergal is a commanding force like few other frontmen in metal, theatrics and all. And it helps that they’re presenting an album like 2014’s bone-chilling The Satanist in its entirety. He says about why they prefer performing the album in full, “When you see it live, it’s a very monolithic kind of experience.”

That’s pretty much what’s in store for their India debut. He says with a smile, “We’re deflowering India. It always feels super exciting to be somewhere for the first time, so we’re definitely never going to forget that.”

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