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Behind The Scenes: Indie Paintballin’ League

The first edition of the monthly paintball competition included five Mumbai bands battling it out

Rolling Stone India Jan 22, 2014
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Rohit P-Man Pereira at Indie Paintballin' League.

Rohit P-Man Pereira at Indie Paintballin’ League.

The word ”˜headshot’ is not thrown as freely as it is inside of a paintball arena. Five Mumbai bands became well-versed with combat strategies and jargon such as ”˜cover fire’ at the first edition of the Indie Paintballin’ League at the central Mumbai gaming venue, Smaaash.

Bassist and video producer Rohit P-Man Pereira joined thrash/groove metal band Zygnema, electro rock band Vega Massive, garage rock band Bone Broke, Marathi rock band Moksh and indie rock band Modern Mafia showed up for three rounds of paintball. The band members grouped up, picked a side, wore camouflage suits and stepped into a warehouse (called the Extreme Paintball Battlefield) with 100 rounds of paintballs. 

Modern Mafia frontman Varun Das, who owns Extreme Paintball Battlefield, says Indie Paintballin’ League will be a monthly event where bands can come in and play a couple of rounds of paintball against each other for free. While team Zygnema (who also had P-Man on their side) emerged winners after gunning paintballs on members from Bone Broke and Vega Massive, there was also a consolation for losing teams ”“ they got a free round of laser tag. 

Check out photos from the first edition of Indie Paintballin’ League below and watch the video on the event

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