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Behind The Scenes: Scribe Rolling Stone India Cover Shoot

How the Mumbai hardcore band fell into character with a 1987 film

Rolling Stone India Jun 10, 2013
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There are five guys [now six] who know what metal humor is all about. Mumbai hardcore band Scribe stepped into a photo studio in Mumbai last month for the cover shoot of ROLLING STONE India’s metal special. While bassist Srinivas Sunderrajan aka Vaas was all about flashing the victory sign every time a camera is trained on him, guitarist Akshay Rajpurohit got the hang of wearing suspenders and his counterpart Prashant Shah looked dapper as ever.

Vocalist Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy went for the Mogambo look minus the Mr. India villain’s cowlick, as the rest of the band paid homage to the 1987 film, which has also inspired the band’s new album in parts. Vaas took on the Mr. India avatar, Akshay tried newspaper editor Gaitonde, newest recruit and vocalist Gagan Gill played Calender [excuse the absence of a potbelly], drummer Virendra Kaith aka Viru was Teja, one of Mogambo’s henchmen. Guitarist Prashant Shah, though, opted for recall value, dressing up as politician/industrialist Singhania from the band’s previous story arc, as explored in Mark of Teja.

Final verdict? You know you want to say it. Mogambo khush hua.

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