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Bengaluru Alt Rock Duo OpenWindows Release Immersive New Track ‘So Cold’

The song is their first since last year’s debut EP ‘Self Titled’

David Britto Oct 30, 2020

Bengaluru alt rock duo OpenWIndows. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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A year on from releasing their debut three-track EP Self Titled, Bengaluru alt-rock duo OpenWIndows – comprising producer Aditya Meher and singer-producer Aryan V Rathod – are now out with their latest soaking single “So Cold.”

OpenWindows have experimented on the new song with ballooning guitar parts, an anthemic chorus and setting washy drum beats for a larger sound. Rathod says, “Aditya’s idea was to make it sound very modern yet have a very natural yet a gritty feel to it.” The song was written at a time when both musicians were going through a rough patch in their personal lives and turned to music to help with the healing process. “There are parts where it talks about what it would feel like to not be loved and have to go through the darkest of times all alone,” says Rathod.

OpenWindows tracked “So Cold” at Meher’s home studio and was produced within a few days by the band. There’s more music over the horizon for the pair as they plan to test themselves by incorporating different themes and genres to their sound. Rathod says, “We’ll be giving it our best to make them very unique and eye-catching, We’re trying to be more experimental.”

Stream “So Cold” on Spotify below or on Apple Music and Amazon Music

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