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Bengaluru Alt Rockers Over The Edge Return With Atmospheric New Single ‘Save Me’

The band have also enlisted producer/musician Aditya Meher as a permanent member

David Britto Jan 05, 2022

Bengaluru alt-rockers Over The Edge. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When we last spoke to Bengaluru alt-rock outfit Over The Edge in December 2020 – comprising vocalists-guitarists Dhanush K and Hanan Mir – they’d just released their enthralling debut single “Feel Alive.” Since then, producer/musician Aditya Meher (from alt-rockers OpenWindows) – who worked with the band on “Feel Alive” – has gone on to join the group. The trio have spent 2021 honing their sound, gigging in Bengaluru and last month also released their dynamic sophomore single “Save Me.”  

Dhanush says, “Work on the [new] single started in September 2021, post the second lockdown.” Over The Edge’s latest offering opens as a slow burner with a running bassline holding the groove, as delicate and atmospheric soundscapes float about while balmy vocals cut through splendidly. Midway through, the song changes and enters a heavier space with more cut-throat singing, pulsating drums as well as full-blown distorted guitars.

“The song talks about how society expects a lot from us and what we can give back. In the chaos of the world, there is a constant riot in the mind of the artist on whether to fulfill the expectations of his dear ones or to be free and explore his own ideologies of life,” says Dhanush. He adds, “The song was made during an early morning jam session in which the artist just wanted to hear the sound of his soothing guitar which helped him escape the chaotic battles in his mind.”

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Over The Edge recorded the song at Dhanush and Mir’s home studio while Meher and Dhanush co-produced the track. Looking ahead, the band plan on releasing another single this month and are currently also working on fresh material for a forthcoming EP due later this year. “We would also be experimenting with new sounds and effects to bring more life to the tracks and singles that we would release,” says Dhanush

Stream “Save Me” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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