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Bengaluru Club Opus Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With Gigs All Month

Pentagram, The Raghu Dixit Project, Parvaaz and many more bands perform at the venue

Rolling Stone India Dec 16, 2013

Ten years ago, Opus opened its doors Bengaluru’s finest music talent and almost every Bengaluru artist who has made it as a musician has performed at Opus. Swarathma is one such band who played their debut gig at Opus with their new lineup back in 2008. Says frontman Vasu Dixit, “That was back when the members didn’t really know each other and we got this Sunday brunch jam spot where there were just a few people. That was a good show and they [Opus] showed us support by asking us to play at the Friday regular band night. And we got paid that day. That’s when we realized that ”˜Yeah, we can get paid doing this.’ That’s also when we decided that if we ever release an album, it would be at Opus.” In 2009, Swarathma did release their eponymous debut album  at Opus. Dixit describes it as one of their landmark gigs. “We couldn’t believe that we could have a full house. It was an awesome feeling to have.” Over the years, Opus turned into the go-to venue for local bands.

All this month, Opus celebrates a decade of music with a series of gigs by bands from the city and from around the country. Local acts performing at Opus include psychedelic/blues rock act Parvaaz, folk fusion group Swarathma, blues band Chronic Blues Circus, drum and bass DJ Vachan Chinnappa, fusion rock band Lagori, contemporary folk act The Raghu Dixit Project and a Bulls Unplugged Reunion. Says founder Carlton Braganza, “Bulls Unplugged used to happen on Monday nights where we get young college bands to play by giving them a stage and also encourage new talent. We’d stopped that for a bit but now we plan on reviving that.”

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Other artists performing over the month include electro rock act Pentagram, singer Usha Uthup and the Louiz Banks Trio featuring Sonia Saigal.

Check out the December schedule below:



Catch the Bulls Unplugged Reunion gig featuring Kingdom Come, Nandita, Yellow Car Theory, Bleed and Bloody Mary Wants a Cracker tonight from 7.30 pm-11.00 pm. For more details on timings, click here