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Bengaluru Electronica Duo Droolfox Get Shimmery On Debut EP ‘Ftw’

The three-track record zeroes in on the theme of commitment issues

David Britto Jan 29, 2020

Bengaluru electronica duo Droolfox. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When we last wrote about Bengaluru musicians, guitarist Joel Sakkari and vocalist Jitesh Jadwani’s electronica duo, Droolfox, in late 2018, the pair had just released their glittery single “Descent.” Now the musicians are out with their debut three-track EP titled Ftw. Sakkari tells us that soon after “Descent” was released, they began writing new material and even revisited older songs to see what would fit best for the EP. “[We] found ourselves looking to fit the songs thematically into the EP around April 2019,” he says. 

Sonically driven by Eighties synth-pop juxtaposed with R&B, jazz and more, Ftw has a feel-good vibe throughout. However, Jadwani tells us that lyrically the record “has a dark undertone despite its vivid sound.” According to the vocalist, the theme of the EP is about finding it hard to commit to another person. He says, “It is very common in our generation, lives are ever faster [and] we don’t want to compromise a thing.”

Jadwani says that the summery title track is about “that phase in a relationship where one must decide if they really want to go ahead and share their life on a more intimate note with the person in question” while the groovy “Need Some Lovin’” is a lighter take on the situation. The slow burner “Trusty Shoes” throws light on the indecisive tunnel. The vocalist says, “You have made up your mind to be strong and not fall. You meet beautiful, lovely people and once in a while, it gets tough.” He adds, “Self-love is the love that comes first.”

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Ftw was recorded at Sakkari’s home studio and also produced, mixed and mastered by the guitarist. “We did everything from recording live synth module to miked guitar amps to vocals right there,” says Jadwani. Droolfox is currently rehearsing with a bassist and drummer to take the record live with a show scheduled for February 22nd at Bengaluru venue Rainbow Bridge. “We intend to do more shows this year, we believe that’s the best way we can promote the EP,” says Sakkari. 

Listen to ‘Ftw’ below:

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