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Bengaluru Guitarist-Vocalist Paraj Weaves Soulful Prog on ‘Familiar’

Formerly of prog rock band Rainburn, the artist is prepping to release his debut solo EP ‘Inara’

Anurag Tagat Sep 08, 2020

Bengaluru-based guitarist and vocalist Paraj Singh. Photo: Lekha Bhojan

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Yearning for the great outdoors while movement remains fairly restricted in the ongoing pandemic, Bengaluru-based guitarist and singer Paraj Singh was remotely involved in the creation of a breathtaking new music video for his latest single “Familiar.”

Singh — previously of prog band Rainburn and currently part of instrumental act Flaw & Order — says he’s often been involved in coordinating and managing shoots remotely owing to his work in advertising. He called on content creator and multi-instrumentalist Hassaan Baig to source and edit the video for “Familiar,” which showcases an interpretive dancer amidst an abundance of nature, from forests to hills to water bodies as the backdrop.

Featuring piano/synth work, drums and production by fellow Flaw & Order bandmate Sudharsan Krishnakumar, “Familiar” follows Singh’s debut solo single “Continue” and they’re part of a five-track EP called Inara. Slated to release by the end of September, Singh’s solo project certainly feeds his prog roots but also moves into a more grandiose, accessible space of evocative songwriting. He says, “I made the choice to use my expertise with the acoustic guitar to drive the sound of the EP and introduce new listeners into the progressive rock space.”

His next single “Adrift” is the artist’s attempt to not “overplay” and hone in on a different sound. “[It] is a structurally simpler song than the others but is vocally rich and cinematically produced.” There’s another EP in the works for a possible 2021 release and that might see Singh go in a new direction. “I’m exploring writing in different languages and different styles in order to challenge myself and keep making music that’s unique, intellectual and emotionally intense.”

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Watch the video for “Familiar” below. Stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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