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Bengaluru Metallers Orchid Launch Debut EP

Hear the band’s prog-leaning four-track release, launched on the city’s newest label called Bangalore Recording Company

Anurag Tagat Nov 02, 2016
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Bengaluru metal band Orchid. Photo: Amyth Venkataramaiah

Bengaluru metal band Orchid. Photo: Amyth Venkataramaiah

Japanese anime, sci-fi and horror are just a few of the things that make up the wide thematic spectrum on Bengaluru metal band Orchid’s long-awaited self-titled debut EP. Vocalist Kaushal L.S., who also lends his growls to bands such as Mumbai death metallers Gutslit and Bengaluru prog/death act Eccentric Pendulum, says, “All the themes on the EP are a result of our influences in sci-fi, surrealism, absurdity, dystopia”¦ they do have a psychological undertone to them.”

The vocalist goes on to talk about how the opening track “Civic TV” takes from filmmaker David Cronenberg’s cult 1983 sci-fi/horror movie Videodrome, while their lead single “Venusian Death” narrates a story of four men who have “crash-landed in a jungle on Venus.” Kaushal adds, “The third track ”˜Disorder’ deals with mental disorders. The fourth track ”˜Migrate’ very loosely follows a bit of [1995 anime film] Ghost in the Shell philosophy.” All this set to an unpredictable melee of progressive, death, tech-death metal and hints of jazz.

The band ”“ which comprises guitarist Vinay Prasad, bassist Rahil Ahmed and drummer Mayur Nanda (also part of Bengaluru instrumental rock band Stuck In November) ”“ came together in 2011 and have, by their own admission, been “riddled with OCDs when it comes to putting out music.” Kaushal says despite scanty gigs, they’ve been active. “We’ve managed to jam almost every single week ever since we formed. We’ve been constantly writing new music, bettering and adding parts to the old ones, and pushing the envelope with each track in terms of songwriting and musicianship,” the vocalist says.

'Orchid' EP artwork by Copycat Design

‘Orchid’ EP artwork by Copycat Design

The album releases on Bengaluru’s latest independent music label called Bangalore Recording Company, founded by the city’s seasoned music industry professionals earlier this year. Bangalore Recording Company also has its next release planned with New Delhi electronic-rock act Sundog Project’s album Tora. Co-founder Pranav K says, “Our main aim is to promote genre-bending, original music that is relevant on a global scale.”

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Orchid, in the meantime, are prepping for a launch gig that will include their longest set ever “accompanied by some high definition visuals and lighting”, according to Kaushal. He adds, “We’re in talks with a few great venues and will make an announcement as soon as we get a confirmation.”

Listen to the EP

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