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Bengaluru pop-rock act Opposite Sex Release Debut EP

The eponymous record covers everything from relationship issues to careless money management

David Britto Oct 20, 2016
Opposite Sex. Photo: Rakesh Ayilliath.

Opposite Sex. Photo: Rakesh Ayilliath.

Although their initial attempts at forming a band did not go as well as they had hoped, Bengaluru-based guitarist Siddharth Gautam  and bassist Ragini Ramanathan didn’t lose hope. Their efforts to find the perfect band mates finally paid off in 2015 when the college friends–who take turns on vocals–formed the pop-rock quartet Opposite Sex with Ramananthan’s brother Pradip on rhythm guitar and Prabhu Muraleedharan on drums.

Gautam admits that although it was a challenge at first to get everyone together for rehearsal and to come up with new material, the fact that they all worked under the same roof (as instructors at  Taaqademy Music School in Bengaluru) helped. “That played a big part because we got to use the jam room there,” he explains.

Now having been on the scene for around a year, Opposite Sex have been gigging extensively and constantly writing new material. Their self-titled debut EP is a window into the band’s lives; the opening song, “Love Lag,” is about two people who live together but see very little of each other due to their contrasting schedules (“That actually happened to us at one point,” Gautam says) while “Why” a smooth, jazz-y track chronicles the band’s journey from reasonably well-off individuals to a band in dire straits. “At the time you don’t get it and just keep spending,” says Gautam, recalling the years of careless spending.  That said, the band did not intend Opposite Sex to be mellow or sad; most of the tracks are cheerful and uplifting.

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Recorded at Gautam and Ramananthan’s home in Bengaluru and mixed by Gautam, the songs on Opposite Sex were mastered at Blackdog Studios in Tampa by producer Andy Bartow and fall largely into the pop/rock category. Although currently on a short hiatus, the band is already planning on touring to support the EP sometime soon and having an album out in the foreseeable future.

Opposite Sex’s eponymous EP is available for purchase on OK Listen. Listen to the lead single from the EP, “Love Lag,” below:


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