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Bengaluru Post Rock Band Space Behind The Yellow Room’s Cover Art

Drummer Shoumik Biswas and guitarist Nihar Apte give their take on the current state of independent music in India for the Cover As Art Project

Rolling Stone India Mar 30, 2014
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Bengaluru post-rock/space rock band Space Behind The Yellow Room.

(extreme left) Drummer Shoumik Biswas and (extreme right) guitarist Nihar Apte with Space Behind The Yellow Room.

Shoumik Biswas and Nihar Apte

Vocalist/drummer Shoumik Biswas and vocalist-guitarist Nihar Apte are part of Bengaluru post rock/space rock band Space Behind The Yellow Room, which was formed in 2012. Both musicians are also visual artists, who are currently studying visual communication at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bengaluru. Biswas, who moved from Kolkata to Bengaluru to study at Srishti in 2012, is also part of Kolkata pop rock band The Monkey In Me, which is fronted by pop artist Nischay Parekh. While Biswas and Apte have collaborated to create gig posters for their band and fan posters for bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars, Apte has previously designed posters for monthly gig series The Scene. 

The Idea

Both members’s cover art illustrates the difference in opinion about the direction independent music in India is headed. Says Biswas, “This is about how the Music scene is on a roll and there’s no stopping it. It’s progressing faster than ever before.” Apte, on the other hand, showcases drab faces under a starry sky at a music festival. Says Apte, “This illustration shows boredom. Boredom of the same old kind of music and live performances.” 

Cover art by Shoumik Biswas

Cover art by Shoumik Biswas


Cover art by Nihar Apte (click for high-resolution view)

Cover art by Nihar Apte (click for high-resolution view)

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