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Bengaluru post rock band Space Behind The Yellow Room’s Drummer Shoumik Biswas Goes Electro with Disco Puppet

Biswas’s debut solo EP ‘Astronot’ is as experimental as his work with SBTYR

Anurag Tagat Aug 01, 2014
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Shoumik Biswas aka Disco Puppet. Photo: Neharika Gurung

Shoumik Biswas aka Disco Puppet. Photo: Neharika Gurung

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‘Astronot’ EP artwork

Bengaluru based drummer Shoumik Biswas has some explaining to do. He’s part of Bengaluru post rock band Space Behind The Yellow Room and Kolkata pop rock band Monkey in Me, but his first release of the year comes from his solo electronica project, Disco Puppet. Biswas started composing music for Disco Puppet earlier this year.

Disco Puppet’s debut EP, Astronot, is an instrumental-driven seven-track electronica trip. Disco Puppet has uploaded quite a few demos on his SoundCloud page over the last two years, and picked seven of his strongest ideas. Tracks such as “Serenity Cosplay” are strengthened by Biswas’s drumming and his use of a mashed up, guitar solo. Tracks such as “Dance Blance” and “Ends In Intervals” are the best examples of how you can sit down with a (presumably) Macbook and a drumkit to bang out trippy, light-headed electronica set to kinetic drumming.

Even when Biswas holds himself back on drums, providing a minimal beat like on the too-short “Saturn’s Rings,” it comes across as yet another successful electro attempt. After getting a taste of Biswas’s skills as a songwriter, vocalist [on “Liar” and “Teacher Destroyer”] and drummer on Astronot, we can’t wait to hear what the drummer has in store with SBTYR’s five-track album, due later this year.
Key tracks: “Liar,” “Serenity Cosplay.”
Stream Astronot here

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