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Bengaluru Pushes Modern Metal

Organizers Ancient Mosquito and Horns Up Entertainment plot two-day gigs featuring new age metal and metalcore bands this month

Anurag Tagat May 10, 2013
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Bengaluru prog/thrash metallers Ontologus. Photo: courtesy of Garage Jam

Bengaluru prog/thrash metallers Ontologus. Photo: courtesy of Garage Jam

Since October last year, Bengaluru event management agency Ancient Mosquito has promoted the city’s new age metal bands, specifically metalcore and progressive metal bands such as Final Surrender and De’Sat. In March, three core members of the agency quit to form their own event management company ”“ Horns Up Entertainment. Next week, both organizers will help line up as many as 16 bands ”“ new and old ”“ to perform at two metal events in the city.

Bengaluru bands Slither [metalcore] and Ontologus [progressive/thrash metal] will play both gigs ”“ the first monthly edition of Moshfest on May 12th at Ion, organized by Horns Up, and the fourth edition of The Pit on May 19th at Blue Waves, organized by Ancient Mosquito. While both organizers said the inclusion of Slither and Ontologus was an unusual coincidence, the bands are more than happy to perform twice in a month, outside of college band competitions. “This is exactly what the scene needs. They’re both promoting metal bands and it gives more opportunities [to bands] compared to college competitions,” says Slither lead guitarist Vivian Charles. Slither, who released their four-track EP Shadow Conscience in November last year, will debut two untitled tracks at Moshfest and The Pit Exclusive. “It [our sound] is heading in the direction of djent-based metalcore now, with more technical beats,” says Charles.

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Ontologus drummer Subhramani Sathyanarayan agrees it’s a good sign to push newer bands among the existing old school heavyweights. “I’m a fan of metal as a whole. We need more gigs where all kinds of metal bands play. I hate the way the old school team has ruled out supporting other bands, but it would be great if we had someone who organizes gigs for all bands,” says Sathyanarayan.

Horns Up’s Amarjeet Karam, Suhas VK and Ancer Thwayyib were part of the core team at Ancient Mosquito, run by Rishabh Ambasta. After the split, both organizers have plans to organize open-air gigs. “We believe in [getting] bigger bands, not just metalcore, and those outside of Bengaluru as well,” says Ambasta, who adds there is no competition between his former team members. Horns Up organizer Karam, who will also perform on drums with his metalcore band Cheisrah at Moshfest, adds that they will continue promoting the new wave of metal bands in Bengaluru, with an eye on bringing down international metalcore bands as well.


Moshfest featuring The Velvet Trap, Cheisrah, Portal of Deception, Slither, Ontologus, Stop! Breathe, And Ever More and Prime Rage takes place on May 12th, 2013 at Ion, Bengaluru, from 4pm onward. Entry: Rs 300. Event details here.

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The Pit Exclusive featuring Fantom, Terminus Exitum, Nihilus, Dequma, Errorz, Ontologus, Fortified Destruction, Slither and Distorted Melody takes place on May 19th, 2013 at Blue Waves, Bengaluru, from 3pm onward. Entry: Rs 300. Event details here.

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