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Bengaluru Rock/Metal Act Of Lambs & Lions Get Dystopian on Debut Song ‘Machine Learning’

Songwriter Abhishek Pradeep and vocalist Abe Varghese will release their second single in June, unraveling a narrative about the dangers of artificial intelligence

Anurag Tagat May 21, 2021

Bengaluru-based artists Abhishek Pradeep and Abe Varghese from Of Lambs & Lions. Photo: Deepak Freddy

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When you’ve worked in human resources for a few years like Bengaluru-based Abhishek Pradeep, it’s common to pick up a few perspectives about technology, futurism and artificial intelligence. Part of prog rock band Parousia as a bassist, Pradeep called on vocalist Abe Varghese to create a new alt rock/metal project called Of Lambs & Lions, who are now out with their debut single “Machine Learning.”

Set in the not-so-distant future, the track introduces the thematic universe of the project’s forthcoming material, which is centered around a protagonist who “speaks out” and thus faces consequences. Written during the pandemic, Pradeep says he’s keen to write music that “alleviates rather than protests” the current foibles in mankind’s progress.

Describing this project as a cross between prog bands like Dream Theater and soulful yet hard hitting rock bands like Audioslave, the bassist brought in Parousia bandmate Naveen Thomas (also part of rock band Galeej Gurus) to play guitar, drummer Sujith John and keyboardist Ranjith Abraham (both from Christian metallers Whitenoiz) to play on “Machine Learning.” The founder says, “We give them the freedom to put in their own parts, the song evolves from their perspective.” Producer Vivek Thomas helms mixing and mastering duties. Varghese, who is relatively newer to the independent music space compared to other musicians part of the project, says he’s happy to tag along. “One of my strengths is about bringing as much versatility as possible,” the vocalist says.

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With their next single “I Believe” set for release on June 1st, Of Lambs & Lions have two EPs ready with about four to five songs on each record. The concept album that’s coming up is titled The Light of Darkness, which will further cement the sound of the project.

Listen to “Machine Learning” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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