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Bengaluru Singer-Songwriter Samarth Delivers New Calming Single ‘Night and Day’

The artist also talks about his “best practices on Spotify” video he made for musicians and listeners last year

David Britto Jun 23, 2021

Bengaluru singer-songwriter Samarth. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Last October, Bengaluru singer-songwriter Samarth Mamadapur — who goes by his first name — released an informative video on his Instagram handle with tips on how to help independent artists have their music be heard by more listeners. The clip – which has been viewed over 15,000 times – even reached Boston’s Berklee College of Music’s Annette Philip. Samarth says, “The response was nothing short of overwhelming.” He adds, “After watching Spotify engineers talk about the product, I realized that they’ve put some very cool systems in place that can help independent artists if only the right practices were followed by both the artists as well as listeners.”

With all that knowledge in the palm of his hands, Samarth is all set to put it into practice with the release of his third single, the peaceful “Night and Day.”

The new track features delicate acoustic guitar plucking and light synths that run in the background as Samarth’s graceful vocals take center stage. According to the singer-songwriter, “Night and Day” encapsulates the journey of getting to know someone deeply through honest conversation. He adds, “When we drop all of our limiting ideas about what a conversation should be and instead just make ourselves vulnerable and open up fully, we not only end up having a deep, meaningful connection with another person, but we also end up learning a lot about ourselves.”

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Samarth recorded the song at Bengaluru’s Aalaap Factory Studios and produced it himself while Thejus Nair of the city-based Eleven Gauge Recordings mixed and mastered it. With this song now out of the way, the singer-songwriter plans to focus his attention on a few more singles that he wants to release every three months. Away from his solo material, the artist is also involved with an A Capella group called No Treble and prog-rockers Stuck In A Jam, with whom there’s also material being worked on. “As of now, I’m sitting on a pile of fully written, but unconnected songs,” says Samarth.

Watch the lyric video for “Night and Day” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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