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Bengaluru’s Streamphony Introduces Full Band Livestream Concerts

Hosted from a venue in one of the only major cities to have eased lockdown rules, the platform already has a calendar set for June

Anurag Tagat Jun 12, 2020

Bengaluru rock band Perfect Strangers. Photo: Armaan Mishra

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It’s a scene that some arguably seeing after months – two guitarists and a bassist seated and an unmistakable amount of purple-tinged lighting that you’d only find at gigs. Bengaluru indie/folk act Cinema of Excess were the first to kick things off at Streamphony, which calls itself “a technology driven performance venue.”

Through the course of a 45 minute performance on June 6th, Cinema of Excess poured their soul into performing as they would at any other show, except the 80 to 85 people who were tuned in were all behind their laptop or phone screens at home. Founded by guitarist Debjeet Basu (from rock band Perfect Strangers) and Richard Andrew ‘Dudley’ (previously part of rock band Moksha as keyboardist), Streamphony turns an existing jam pad into a venue equipped with high-speed broadband, multi-camera setup and video streaming functionality.

Basu says, “Richard and I were thinking about some kind of alternative pre-COVID anyway, since Bangalore live scene was in a bad state. Apart from Fandom, there was no other place to play as a reputed indie venue. COVID-19 triggered the entire thing of not having an audience so we thought why not go this way?”

With Bengaluru one of the only major Indian metropolitan cities to have eased lockdown restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, Streamphony will host its first fully plugged in rock show on June 13th, featuring Perfect Strangers for an hour-long set. Basu says about preparations so far, “Sound-wise, we’re not too worried because we’ve done multiple tests. We’ve done that homework about video lag and the drum kit levels. We have a good tested product. The only new thing is the interaction. We’re so used to feeding off the energy of a live audience.” During the gig, the band will have to check a nearby phone for comments streaming in and they’ll have a show compere to take them through interactions.

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While bands could as well independently livestream performances from jam rooms or recording studios that are also open now in Bengaluru, Streamphony is currently hosting artists at no cost, like a venue would. A gate-share deal reliant on ticket sales is also in place, teaming up with event platform Skillbox. They’ve already got 12 shows (including private gigs, which the venue is rented out for at an hourly fee) scheduled in June. Basu says everyone from corporate offices to music schools to bands are interested. “I think this is a feasible option right now.”

Perfect Strangers performs at Stramphony, Bengaluru on June 13th. Entry: Rs 300. Get tickets here. Check out more Streamphony gigs here.

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