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Bengaluru’s Blushing Satellite Release Debut EP

The months-old trip-hop/R&B-laced rock band featuring members from psych rock band The Bicycle Days are ready with their self-titled EP

Anurag Tagat Oct 15, 2015
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Blushing Satellite - (from left) Arjun Ramdas, Karthik Basker and Ramaman Chandramouli. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Blushing Satellite – (from left) Arjun Ramdas, Karthik Basker and Ramaman Chandramouli. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Vocalist Karthik Basker has packed a lot in the last two years ”“ from launching psych rock band The Bicycle Days’ debut album Calamitunes to going on a hiatus and starting electronic music project Klypp, to now getting back in a new rock band called Blushing Satellite. Says Basker, “There was a vacuum [after The Bicycle Days went on a hiatus] and I always wanted to be in a band. The whole idea of people coming together, doing something bigger than themselves is the best part.”

That sounds almost spiritual, and that’s the space Basker is in with Blushing Satellite, who launch their debut self-titled, three-track EP on October 14th. Songs like “Finders,” which is about a disconnected worldview and “You,” which is dedicated to Basker’s spiritual guru Dr. Baskaran Pillai, are as calming as they are profound. The third track “Arul” takes its name from a Tamil word that doesn’t have an English equivalent [it means knowledge that is ever present] and Basker says it is the band’s most defining song. He says, “The song is about trying to see if there’s something more.” Following the EP release, there’s a Claymation video in the works for “Arul.”

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Comprising Basker, along with The Bicycle Days guitarist Ramanan Chandramouli [previously part of alt rock band Mad Orange Fireworks], bassist Arjun Ramdas and drummer Wesley Newton, Blushing Satellite came together in May this year, with Chandramouli taking on a much bigger role of songwriting with Basker compared to his duties as a rhythm guitarist in The Bicycle Days. Says Basker, “He’s [Chandramouli] is more jazz-influenced and I’m going in a very R&B direction.”

Following the release, Blushing Satellite will also get to work on a full-length album, for which they’ve already written eight songs. There’s no launch gig, but they’re looking to tour Europe next year. Says Basker, “The primary focus is to get heard.”

Listen to Blushing Satellite EP here

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