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The Year That Was: British Progressive House DJ Jody Wisternoff

Ahead of his set at the three-day getaway festival Enchanted Valley Carnival near Mumbai, Wisternoff recaps his year for us

Rolling Stone India Dec 03, 2013
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Jody Wisternoff (2)

Jody Wisternoff.

December is here and that means it’s time to get started on year-end lists. English DJ and Producer Jody Wisternoff fills us in on what kind of music made his year memorable, ahead of his India show at the Enchanted Valley Carnival from December 6th-8th at Aamby Valley City near Mumbai. This year, Wisternoff kicked off trance trio Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy set in London and launched his debut solo album, Trails We Blaze, on house record label Anjunadeep . When asked about some of the best music he’s heard this year, Wisternoff shows his loyalties, saying, “Actually I’m going to have to say Anjunadeep, because that’s my boys and that’s my crew.”

Best Show You Played This Year

It was in Calgary in Canada. It was at a really small club called Habitat and had about 150 people. It’s got a really big electronic vibe and it was Halloween so everyone was dressed up and people had blood on them all over or whatever, so yeah it was really good fun. It was like a house party.


Best Music You Heard This Year

I’m going to have to say [house music label] Anjunadeep, because that’s my boys, that’s my crew. I’m remixing some of the stuff at my show at EVC, but I’m not going to name anything and leave it as a surprise.

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Most Promising Act This Year

There’s people like the French Express crew . They’ve been knocking around for years giving their music out for free on their blogs and stuff like that and SoundCloud. And just this year they’ve really cut through. And other than that there’s Chris Malinchak’s “So Good To Me,” who I think got in the Top 10 UK pop charts if not number one, which is remarkable because they gave away that song like a freebie they gave away a few years ago. It’s been a very interesting year for house music, which has suddenly become like mainstream. It’s been a very good year.

Best Thing On Radio This Year

I’ve been looking at the underground deep house charts here.I found stuff like Breach’s popular number in the top 10, “Jack”, that track’s quite commercial and he’s just gone back in top 10 again and I find that very interesting. A lot of people actually find it interesting and they’re massive in the pop charts. This happened years ago but it hadn’t really happened for a long time you know; house becoming trendy again, then the mainstream responds to it. Obviously there may be a backlash but generally it’s a good thing.


Best TV Show This Year

There’s a show called Cardinal Burns and at the moment is on Monday nights and it’s absolutely hilarious. And you’d probably love it, because I think English and Indian humor are kind of similar. It’s quite epic.

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Best Thing on the Internet This Year

I’ve been on TED. Anything on TED Talks is very interesting and it’s pretty cool. The talks are all about helping out the world and they’ve got such good speakers.


Gear Acquired This Year

I’m using the CDJ-2000, it’s a mixer and it’s really awesome. It’s got really good delay. Also, a lot of people have got back to using USB dongles for their laptops, but I really like this. This is more fun. I use it for mixing. I try to use three of them [while DJing] if possible, with one for samples, loops and effects and that kind of stuff.


Best Boiler Room Set This Year

I saw a few boiler room sets this year. Again, the French Express ones are always great and those are my favorite ones. I love those guys.


Best Hip-Hop Album This Year 

I haven’t heard any this year but I’m a massive hip-hop fan. Old school hip-hop’s my favorite music of all time. Like Eighties stuff. Not the old old school but the medium old school. I love it, even DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!


Jody Wisternoff performs at Enchanted Valley Carnival on December 7th, 2013 at Aamby Valley. Event details here.

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