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Best Coast

Crazy for You
Mexican Summer
[Three and a half stars]

rsiwebadmin Aug 10, 2010
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After a string of low-fi pop singles last summer, indie-rock teen prodigy Bethany Cosentino ”“ cat lover, foodie, Breeders fan ”“ decided on a simple recipe for her debut LP with partner Bobb Bruno: Beatles-ish drums, Ramones-ish guitars, Phil Spector-ish vocals. The result: reverb-frosted tunes full of girl-group tunefulness and Nineties
alt-rock snarl. It’s catchy and pleasure-packed, even if the smartass, lovelorn lyrics never get much deeper than “Want to kill you but then I’d miss you.” Modern but classic, it’s a summer play-on-repeat record that even your grandma might dig.

Key Tracks: ”˜Crazy for You,’ ”˜Boyfriend,’ ”˜Happy’

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