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Bevar Sea Release Debut Album

Bengaluru stoner/doom band plot promo tour, to play their first gig in Mumbai in November

Anurag Tagat Oct 18, 2012
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Stoner/doom band Bevar Sea release their first full-length album

While Bengaluru’s Bevar Sea have been around since 2008, the stoner/doom band are finally putting their music out there by recording and releasing their first album.

Although stoner metal is meant to be experienced live in all its heaviness, Bevar Sea’s self-titled album has been mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson, who has previously worked with American stoner/ doom bands High on Fire, Neurosis and Sleep, among others. Srikanth Panaman, the band’s guitarist says, “We always wanted Billy on board because he knows this sound best, and has been behind dozens of our favorite albums. We contacted Billy with some pre-production demos and asked if he’d be interested in working on our material. A few email exchanges later, he was in.”

The album was made available for pre-orders this week and for paid online download off their Bandcamp page. It’s clearly not a conventional album in any sense. With a six-panel digipak CD, iron-on patch and silk fabric print, Bevar Sea is probably taking a big leap selling this album. With just four songs on the album, ending with the 17-minute epic “Mono Gnome”, it’s probably trying to appeal to both new and old fans of stoner and doom metal, inspired by old school heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Cathedral and Sleep. “Personally I like ”˜Mono Gnome’ the most. It has its nod to Sabbath, Sleep, and Kyuss, but it goes beyond that and does its own thing too. It has more drama than the other songs, so it makes for a nice album closer. It’s tough to play that live though because of its duration. ”˜Universal Sleeper’ has also been a favorite in the recent past, and has become our set opener because it’s got that punch,” Panaman says.

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Bevar Sea will officially launch the album at CounterCulture in Bengaluru on October 19th, followed by a show in Thane on November 18th. Adds Panaman, “Metal At The Tavern is the first in a series of gigs that’s going to happen there. We’ve never played in Bombay before, and we have a lot of friends and fans there, so this is going to be fun.” Supporting the band will be horror metallers Albatross, Gutslit (grindcore), Cosmic Infusion (symphonic black metal) and Pune thrashers Halahkuh.

Bevar Sea is available for download here for Rs. 150. The band performs at CounterCulture, Bengaluru on October 19th and Metal At The Tavern at Hotel United 21, Thane on November 18th. For details, log on here.

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