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Bhayanak Maut Announce New Bassist

Ishaan Krishna heads into the studio with the Mumbai metal band to record their third full length album

Rolling Stone India Apr 22, 2013
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Bhayanak Maut and new bassist Ishaan Krishna (right). Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar/Pradeep Kalipurayath

Bhayanak Maut and new bassist Ishaan Krishna (right) Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar/Pradeep Kalipurayath

Mumbai death metallers Bhayanak Maut [BM] announced their new bassist, Ishaan Krishna, in a video released today. Krishna replaces Swapnil Bhumkar, who left the band in October last year. The 23-year-old Krishna also plays bass for prog rock band NerveRek, funk rock band, The Hoodwink Circle and is also the guitarist of indie/alt rock band Modern Mafia. Krishna was chosen as bassist following auditions in January this year. “We had nine video auditions sent to us, but when we got down to it, there were four guys ”“ Ishaan, Siddhesh Borkar, Nikhil Singh and Alexander Rodrigues,” says Bhayanak Maut drummer Rahul Hariharan.

Part of the band’s buildup to choose the new bassist was a fake announcement that Mumbai horror metal band Albatross’s bassist Riju Dasgupta was chosen to be their new bassist.  “We had Sidharth Kadadi [guitarist with thrash/groove metal band Zygnema] fill in for us live, but we really needed that sixth member to be on the same wavelength as us and back up a solid rhythm section,” says Hariharan, who also plays with Krishna for The Hoodwink Circle. “The good part is that I’m no longer the youngest member in the band,” says Hariharan of Krishna. Says Krishna,“The auditions were pretty nerve-wracking because I was called for the second round of editions when I had to jam with the band. I watched BM even before I was learning bass, so this is a big deal.”

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Hariharan also mentions the band will now concentrate on finishing up their third full length album, the follow-up to their 2009 untitled album. “It sounds insane. I’ve read the stories [that will form the lyrics and theme to the album] and I can’t wait to play on it,” says Krishna. Bhayanak Maut have scratch tracks ready for 14 songs for their upcoming album, and will record through the next two or three months, before playing live shows again. “We’re in a really creative space right now and we want it to be the best album to come out this year,” says Hariharan.

Watch Bhayanak Maut’s video announcing their new lineup

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