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Bhilwara Singer-Rapper Luck Offers Shimmering Rajasthani R&B on ‘Chhamak Chhamak’

Lucky Samtani heads down a quarry and keeps his latest track all about party vibes

Anurag Tagat Oct 14, 2022

Rajasthani artist Luck aka Lucky Samtani in a still from the music video for 'Chhamak Chhamak.'

At the start of his career as an independent artist, Bhilwara, Rajasthan-based artist Luck aka Lucky Samtani was all about rap, notably appearing working with New Delhi beat wizard Sez on the Beat aka Sajeel Kapoor on “Thara Moves,” off the EP New Kids on the Block, Vol.1 in 2020.

In the last two years, Luck took to more melodic rap with his singles and finally found his heart set on R&B, which is what we hear on his latest song “Chhamak Chhamak.” He says about his transitioning between styles and finding his space, “Melodies helps me create a new ideas for composition and it’s something that attracts me towards this genre. It motivates me to make something new and create a very unique blend.” It’s not just R&B, though. Luck cites ghazals from the Eighties and Nineties as a key influence right now, which is leading him to create a “fusion of a new class with something old.” He adds, “I think music is an infinite process and as an artist you keep discovering new things throughout your whole career.”

The musical maturity comes through on “Chhamak Chhamak,” which also shares its name with a famous Rajasthani track and actually served as a starting point for Luck. In August 2019, the artist was freestyling on “a random YouTube beat” and the ideas for “Chhamak Chhamak” came to him. “It came funnily but I thought why not take it seriously and work on it,” Luck says. Joined by producer SkyPitch, they turned it into a slick, laidback yet groovy song for the clubs. “SkyPitch shifted to London for his degree in Audio Engineering. He took some time to work on this track and polish it towards perfection,” Luck adds about the long gestation period for the song.

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Luck connected with SkyPitch through another producer, Manisten and says he has several unreleased tracks with both of them. The music video for “Chhamak Chhamak” – shot by Ajay Singh – sees Luck in a quarry mine, grooving on his track by the water. He adds about the video, “It was actually shot at an abandoned mine almost 8 kilometers from my town near a village. The location is surround by mountains and this abandoned mine is between the empty space in the mountains. The location is breathtaking and to me this location was perfect.”

True to his game, Luck is in no rush about plotting anything big in 2022 and believes in working on the present. Building castles in the air with future projects might cause distractions for Luck. He however adds, “I already have some songs which are finished and my main focus is releasing singles now both solo and collaborative projects. I also have another unique blend of Rajasthani and Bengali song with Shayan which is being produced by SkyPitch as well.”

Watch the video for “Chhamak Chhamak” below.


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