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Bhubaneswar Rockers Khatth Release Final Single Off Debut EP ‘Bahaane’

The band’s music is filled with boisterous heavy segments as well as lighter moments

David Britto Jan 12, 2021

Bhubaneswar rock outfit Khatth. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After deciding to release their debut three-track EP Bahanne in a piecemeal fashion, Bhubaneswar rock outfit Khatth – comprising bassist Satyam Nayak, guitarist-vocalist Ashutosh Verma and guitarist Aditya Atmakuri – dropped the record’s first two singles: “Tu Bas” and “Bareilly” last year. Now, the group is out with the last installment to the EP in the shape of their sublime eponymous track.

Speaking about the latest single, Nayak says, “’Khatth’ is an audio representation of our love for rock.” According to the band, the song acts as a metaphor for letters that are still to be sent out. “There are things human beings wish to say but are not able to convey. We tried to keep it simple and easy to relate so that people could comprehend the meaning of the song comfortably,” says Nayak.

The new track builds quite brilliantly with acoustic and electronic elements as well as chugging guitar parts that add a bit of gusto to the song. Verma’s soaring vocals as well as tidy fretwork bring the song to life while Nayak’s tight grooves and Atmakuri’s rhythmic guitar work hold the song together. “It has glimpses of almost everything we adore in music,” says Nayak. The band recorded Bahaane at Bhubaneswar’s Maestro Studios while Shruti Prakash Dash produced it and Vinay Devyan mixed and mastered the EP.

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Khatth are already planning ahead and want to release another EP this year, followed by one more in 2022. Nayak says, “Five of the six songs are already complete and ready for production.”

Stream “Khatth” below on Spotify and on other platforms.

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