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Big Bang Blues’ Diyatom Deb Heads Home for Special Tour

The New Delhi-based blues act’s vocalist, who was a finalist on singing competition ‘The Stage’, will perform new material in the North East this week

Anurag Tagat Feb 16, 2018

New Delhi act Big Bang Blues with Diyatom Deb (center). Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When the third season of English language singing competition The Stage’s contestants were asked to gather votes from the public to stay on the TV show, New Delhi-based Diyatom Deb had his followers back home in Shillong to thank. One way he’s making it up to them is with Big Bang Blues’ North East run of shows this week, which includes stops in Shillong and Guwahati.

Deb, who joined Big Bang Blues in 2016 to replace Ipshita Roy, says about being part of The Stage, “All in all, The Stage was a good learning experience for me to improve and get better in terms of stage presence and delivery.” The band’s four-city tour comes just a few months after their Rebirth Tour in September last year. This time around, however, there’s more tunes ready to go.

Guitarist Sushant Thakur says that with Deb, Big Bang Blues is “bringing out the personality of the band.” There’s blues rock, of course, but also a singer-songwriter influence which is making their new material “heavier and darker.” There’s “Last Train Home,” which Deb wrote after “finding a new direction in life,” and might just be their next single. Thakur adds, “Another song ‘Thoughts’ by Diyatom is an old school slide guitar blues song talking about the new world order, the social and political landscape of these times we are living in.” Then, there’s a heavier song written by drummer Akhil Kumar about betrayal, which is yet to be titled, but will be debuted live on this tour.

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Thakur adds, “Once we have a pool of songs which could provide a specific theme for an album, we will start working on producing it and probably an album should be out sometime next year.”

Big Bang Blues Home Coming Tour 2018

February 16th ”“ Cloud 9, Shillong

February 17th ”“ Someplace Else, Kolkata

February 18th ”“ Café Hendrix, Guwahati

February 24th ”“ Depot48, New Delhi


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