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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes Electrifying Solo Debut With ‘LALISA’

The Thai rapper celebrates her artistry, success and heritage in her new single album

Divyansha Dongre Sep 10, 2021
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With over 800,000 fans joining the official music video premiere, BLACKPINK’s rapper Lisa pays homage to her Thai roots in her solo debut “LALISA.”

Characterized by powerful synth and hip-hop, “LALISA,” is a celebration of the rapper’s individuality: “Tell it to the world, kiss my name/ Say Lalisa love me Lalisa love me.” From strutting gracefully on a neon-lit alley to owning traditional Thai attires, the track also acts as an ode to Lisa’s heritage and her success with her BLACKPINK members, “From Thailand to Korea and now here/ Went for the throat/ Being the greatest of all time ain’t a fantasy/ Jet black and pink crown belongs to we.”

Rooted in hip-hop, the track undergoes several sonic changes, matching Lisa’s flow and tempo. Kicking off with synth beats, the rapper keeps it breathy and light as she declares, “I empty my head completely/ And burn the loud emotions.” Around its chorus, the track gradually fades into a trap-synth hook, giving the single an anthemic feel. As the song concludes, Lisa channels Thai royalty, appearing powerful in an all-gold ensemble and launching into a fiery rap flow. This section sees the addition of a traditional brass instrumental, ending the track with a resonating ode to Lisa’s heritage.

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Earlier this week, Lisa shared the first look into the single’s lyrical composition via a poster. With a racing bike resting under the spotlight, the poster read ‘Catch me if you can.’ Alongside this, the rapper had also released three visual teasers outlining the overarching themes of power and individuality the single celebrates.

Written and composed by BLACKPINK’s longtime producer Teddy, the single EP LALISA  features two tracks– “LALISA” (the title track) and “Money.” Lisa was also involved in the creative compositions of the visual assets. 

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