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BLEK And The Lightyears Explode Perform Acoustic Sets

The Mumbai bands retool their tracks for the open air series of gigs as part of Ray-Ban’s 75th anniversary celebrations

Rolling Stone India Nov 30, 2012
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The Lightyears Explode

Most often, track names are a dead giveaway of a band’s sound. “Running Into Walls Occasionally Helps” by Mumbai punk rockers BLEK and “I Am A Disco Dancer” by punk pop band The Lightyears Explode, also from Mumbai, should tell you that an acoustic set by either band is a feat similar to crawling through rush-hour traffic in a race car. Tricky for the guy behind the wheel, but he still gets all the love on the road.

BLEK at the Control Alt Delete show in Mumbai. Photo: Gautam Ruparel

We showed up at a poorly attended, unplugged gig by BLEK earlier this year at Cool Chef Café and while bassist Jared Creado was too wired [literally and figuratively] for a sit down performance, we can tell you that it was a gig that shouldn’t have been missed. This evening’s set maybe unplugged, but knowing BLEK, the performance will be nothing less than super charged. “We haven’t written new material, but want to test out our new songs at this show,” says BLEK vocalist Rishi Bradoo, “We’ve also changed the basic style of our older songs like “Minus The Makeup”. The band also plans to perform newer tracks such as “Back At The Start” and “Dance With The Wolves” at this evening’s gig.

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The Lightyears Explode have also reworked all their tracks for their unplugged debut. “We’ve added harmonies and a lot more guitar,” says the band’s lead vocalist Saurabh Roy. The Lightyears Explode will perform six to seven originals and cover some tracks by The Arctic Monkeys and Oasis.

While The Lightyears Explode, who have been busy recording their album this year, will definitely play some new material at this gig, BLEK, who have been gigging consistently across the country, are sure to bring a well-oiled machine to stage.

BLEK play at 6pm and The Lightyears Explode go on stage at 7pm at Ray-Ban’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations on November 30th at Carter Road Amphitheater. Entry: Free

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