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Blind Image To Play At Asia Metal Festival 2013

The Chennai groove/thrash metal band plot South East Asia tour to promote their upcoming third album

Anurag Tagat Dec 31, 2012
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photo: Joseph Rajini Asir

It may be difficult to get gigs within their own city, but over the last two years, Chennai groove/thrash metal band Blind Image has performed in Australia, Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand. They returned from their South East Asia tour in November and are already prepping for their second visit to Kuala Lumpur as part of Asia Metal Festival on June 9th, 2013.

The success of the first show in KL led to this show, tells us Blind Image drummer Srikrishna Natesan. “The crowd was nuts, they knew the lyrics and sang along, which does not happen even at our India shows,” says Natesan. Blind Image are now plotting more dates in Malaysia and Singapore in June. “We did club shows there on our last tour and about 200 people showed up. We sold out all our merch and even got interviewed and mentioned on the cover of a local music magazine. It’s a place to call a second home,” adds Natesan.

Blind Image will be recording their third album, the follow up to their 2009’s More Than Human, in January. “We’ve wrapped up all the writing and we’re recording with Lakshman [Chandrasekaran], who has done a lot of work in film music in Chennai, but also knows our sound since he produced More Than Human,” the drummer says, adding that the upcoming 12-track album will be the band’s heaviest yet. Unlike their previous concept album, this one will only be loosely connected with a common theme. Says the drummer, “There are more political songs as well, about what’s happening in India and in countries like Libya today. It’s also about the abstract nature of human beings, drawing from epistemology, which studies the philosophy of knowledge.”

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