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Watch Bloodywood Take a Stand on Divisive Politics in ‘Gaddaar’ Video

The New Delhi-based folk metallers have announced their debut album ‘Rakshak’ and an European tour in 2022

Anurag Tagat Nov 09, 2021

Bloodywood's Jayant Bhadula in a still from he music video for "Gaddaar."

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An unmistakably Punjabi tumbi melody introduces Bloodywood’s bhangra-infused new single “Gaddaar,” which dives into chunky riffs, pulsating dhol and a lethal growl and rap combo.

While those may all sound like all too familiar elements from the New Delhi-based, globally lauded folk metal act, producer-guitarist Karan Katiyar also introduces more synth elements and a monstrous breakdown. The first single from their upcoming full-length debut album Rakshak (releasing on February 18th, 2022), “Gaddaar” also comes across as Bloodywood’s most politically conscious song yet.

It starts with a monologue sample from the 1994 Hindi film Krantiveer led by actor Nana Patekar, about the politically motivated division between Muslims and Hindus. While they preface with their power-packed music video with a disclaimer that it contains “heavy political commentary,” the message adds: “It isn’t aimed at a particular person, party or political mindset. We remain politically neutral. Honest.”

The band’s vocalists Jayant Bhadula and Raoul Kerr ramp up a double assault on politically-motivated intentions to divide citizens of the world, and how they see “a state turning to faith/ Faith turn into hate / Hate turn into votes / Votes turn into notes.” Backed by dhol artist Sarthak Pahwa and drummer Vishesh Singh, Bloodywood go at breakneck speed with rap and impassioned growls aplenty, Bhadula bringing anthemic choruses. With the translated lyrics in the caption, the band allow themselves to joke around still, paraphrasing Bhadula’s seemingly Indian vocal harmonies as “Indian singing intensifies.”

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By the end of the video, another message arrives, revisiting their disclaimer. Bloodywood states: “This video contains heavy political commentary. It is aimed at divisive leaders, parties and political mindsets. In the face of fascism and communalism, we cannot remain politically neutral.”

“Gaddaar” is Bloodywood’s first new release since the 2020 single “Yaad.” Although major plans for a U.S. tour and an European tour were called off in 2020 due to the pandemic, Bloodywood will return to Europe in March 2022. A 22-date run of shows has been announced as part of the Rakshak tour, taking them to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and the U.K.

Watch the video for “Gaddaar” below.

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