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Boiler Room to Make Its India Debut in Mumbai

The webcast gig series will host British producer Actress alongside Mumbai electronic artist Sandunes, Bengaluru’s _RHL and Oceantied on December 1st

Rolling Stone India Nov 21, 2016
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English producer Actress aka Darren Cunningham. Photo: Tom D Morgan - www.tomdmorgan.com

English producer Actress aka Darren Cunningham. Photo: Tom D Morgan – www.tomdmorgan.com

Watched by millions and the home of underground music that’s broadcast live, gig series Boiler Room will take place in Mumbai on December 1st.

The invite-only gig’s first-ever show in India, a collaboration with Budweiser as part of a 12-part global series, includes sets by British producer Actress aka Darren Cunningham, Mumbai future garage producer Sandunes aka Sanaya Ardeshir, Bengaluru producer _RHL aka Rahul Giri (one half of downtempo duo Sulk Station) and his fellow footwork/electronic music producer Oceantied aka Ketan Bahirat.

Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing In”¦ Mumbai is the second instalment in the What’s Brewing collaboration, whose first stop included Brussels in August. Boiler Room, which was founded in 2010 by London-based Blaise Bellville, has so far built its reputation as one of the most widely watched warehouse gig series, for its invite-only entry but also showcasing the best producers and musicians across electronic, hip-hop, jazz and even contemporary classical.

Among the Indian producers on the bill, everyone has experience playing to international audiences, but the brand of Boiler Room makes it particularly important. Says Bahirat, who is prepping his new EP Tribes and has returned from a stint at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal in October, “It’s exciting to be a part of the first ever Boiler Room in India, in a time where the Indian electronic scene is growing. For Boiler Room to come in and support local acts in such a massive global community is just the push we all need.”

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Giri agrees with Bahirat about the exposure factor. Giri adds about two producers from the same city picked for the lineup, “Bengaluru generally has been doing really well. The last two RBMA candidates ”“ Ketan, Jayanth [Ramachandra aka The Sine Painter] ”“ are from Bengaluru and it feels like the city is finally getting its due.” As for his set at Boiler Room, when all the Internet’s eyes are on him, Giri says he’ll try to think of it as a regular gig. He says, “But it’s going to be a DJ set, hopefully I can throw in some music from South Asia, [his label] Consolidate and more.”

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