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Boomarang Launch Debut Album With Five-City Tour

The Aizawl, Mizoram-based rock band spent four years working on the 14-track ‘Home’

Rolling Stone India Nov 21, 2013
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Aizawl rock band Boomarang.

Aizawl rock band Boomarang.

When they started off in 2005, Aizawl rock band Boomarang emulated bands such as Rage Against the Machine. Their debut album, Home, however, is quite mellow, according to guitarist Boom aka Lalruatliana Hangsing. The band now has  funk, jazz and punk in their sound in an attempt to bring their influences together and find a distinct, collective sound.

The 14-track album Home, in the works since 2009, was recorded in Aizawl at Scavenger Records by Mizoram-based producer and event organizer Victor Vanlalhruia. Says Boom, “We recorded the song ”˜Stellar’ for this album back in 2008 and even made the video for it in 2009. But it’s only now that the song is getting recognized on a larger scale. Let’s hope all the hard work will start paying off.”

Boomarang heads out of Aizawl on a five-city tour, performing at Hard Rock Cafes across India to launch Home on Universal Music India as part of music channel VH1’s band competition Contrabands [which has previously promoted EDM act Lost Stories]. Says Boom, “We have a good team promoting us. What else can an Indian band ask for? There’s no better way to spread our music to the mainland.” Although not being attached to a label has taught the band how to manage its finances, adds the guitarist. Says Boom, “We have to do everything on our own [in Aizawl] but it eventually helps. This way, we know how to handle things musically as well as business-wise.”

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Boomarang Contrabands Tour

November 21st ”“ Hard Rock Café (Worli), Mumbai

November 28th ”“ Hard Rock Café, New Delhi

December 5th ”“ Hard Rock Café, Bengaluru

December 11th ”“ Hard Rock Café, (Andheri) Mumbai

December 12th ”“ Hard Rock Café, Pune

December 19th ”“ Hard Rock Café, Hyderabad

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