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‘Breaking Bad’ Teases Final Episodes With Terrifying Sonnet

‘Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair,’ Walter White recites

Jon Blistein Jul 31, 2013

BryanThe only thing scarier than seeing the monster is not seeing the monster, and Walter White never appears in the teaser for the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad. Instead, the clip shows time-lapse scenes of the New Mexico desert and familiar locales from the show, while Bryan Cranston recites Shelley’s famous sonnet “Ozymandias” in a voice that grows crueler and more foreboding with each line. The poem is a requiem for a fallen, forgotten tyrant whose works proved less enduring than he thought they would ”“ a hint, perhaps, of things to come as Breaking Bad brings the story of Walter White to a close. The first of the final episodes premieres on August 11th in the US.




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