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British R&B/Soul Songstress Greentea Peng Readies New EP

The singer made her India debut last month alongside veteran DJ Uri and rapper Dee MC at the Breezer Vivid Shuffle afterparty in Mumbai

Anurag Tagat Sep 11, 2019

British singer-rapper Greentea Peng live at the Breezer Vivid Shuffle afterparty in Mumbai last month. Photo: Courtesy of Breezer Vivid Shuffle

When 24-year-old singer and rapper Aria Wells aka Greentea Peng got one of her first tattoos, it was an “Om.” It’s one of the most instantly recognizable things about the British rapper. She says, however, “I don’t refer to myself as a particularly spiritual person, I know nothing! I think it’s just a given, I feel everything is spirit, really.”

Greentea Peng says she’s always been in love with India “from afar,” so there was some anticipation ahead of her first show at hip-hop dance festival Breezer Vivid Shuffle’s afterparty at Raasta in Mumbai last month. She recounts, “I knew I was going to love it. To be honest with you, I’m mostly obsessed with the symbology. Seeing the ‘Om’ sign and Swastikas everywhere really made me feel so happy and inspired.” She counts her performance, alongside DJ Uri and Dee MC, as amazing and the India trip as well timed. “I stayed back in Mumbai as I really like to get a feel for a place rather than travelling around the whole time,” the artist adds, mentioning a trip to temples and speaking to locals.

Watch Greentea Peng perform “Downers” on COLORS below.

Inspired by everything from Rastafarianism to R&B, Greentea Peng holds a calming yet ephemeral charm in her music, most notably on her 2018 debut EP Sensi. She’s been singing most of her life, but took some time away from music after being in what she refers to as “dark and negative places,” stopping at the age of 15 and resuming at 21. In the last two years, Greentea Peng has slowly scored festivals and shows in the U.K. and Europe, plus a performance at global show series Boiler Room. The major draw, perhaps, is her classic soul delivery, set to hip-hop and laidback pop production that recalls the likes of Frank Ocean. Greentea Peng is not too concerned with how a mellow set can fit into the festival or club atmosphere. “The people who are meant to hear and feel it, always do,” she says.

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Following her India visit, the singer’s focus is now on releasing the follow up to Sensi, with a new single called “Mr. Sun” coming out later this month. She adds, “My new EP comes out at the end of October, pretty much a year after Sensi. I’m very excited since it’s a lot more lifted than the last project and I feel it’s a very nice organic progression, too. It will be another six track EP and hopefully I’ll be releasing it on vinyl as well, which I’m gassed for!”

Listen to ‘Sensi’ EP below.