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BTS Breaks TikTok With The Teaser For ‘ON’

The septet increase the anticipation around their upcoming LP ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ which drops later today

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 21, 2020

'Bang Bang Con' is a livestream that offers free access to BTS' past concerts and fan meets. Photo: Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

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South Korean superstars BTS caused a global flurry on social media today after dropping a 30-second teaser for the lead single “ON” off their upcoming album Map Of The Soul: 7 on TikTok. Within seconds the short-form video-sharing platform had crashed, unable to take the influx of millions of fans from around the world flooding the site to hear the release and pretty soon it was official: BTS had broken TikTok.

The site was up and running again within minutes but not before fans around the world laughed and panicked in equal measure, wondering if the teaser would be available in their country. Within minutes however, TikTok’s declarations of ‘not available in your country’ and 502 errors soon gave way to working links which spread like wildfire across Twitter, fans finally getting a chance to catch a hint of what seems to be a rather anthemic lead single. Hashtags like #ONchallenge and #7Today and #ONTEASER are currently dominating global trends while audiences are expressing their curiosity and excitement around the full version of the song and its music video set to drop at 2:30 PM IST today with Map Of The Soul: 7. The group unveiled a whopping 20-song tracklist for the album earlier this week as per their generous comeback schedule.

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In a press release from earlier today, BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment describes “ON” as a track ‘that reflects on their [BTS’] calling and mindset as artists during the seven years [since their debut.]’ From the teaser, it is clear that “ON” is an ode victory and conquering hardships with some of the lyrics declaring, “Can’t hold me down ’cause you know I’m a fighter” and “Bring the pain on.”

Listen to the teaser for “ON” below:


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