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BTS Dial Up The Anticipation With Two More Concept Clips For ‘Butter’

The South Korean mega stars unveiled two more teasers for their upcoming single, this time featuring members Jin and SUGA

Divyansha Dongre May 04, 2021

SUGA [left] and Jin feature in BTS' latest teasers for "Butter"

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With theories and excitement about the group’s upcoming single “Butter” taking over the Internet, BTS amp up the anticipation with the release of two additional concept clips starring vocalist Jin and rapper SUGA. 

Acting as an extension to the ongoing themes of retro and dance-pop, the newly released clips show SUGA delicately handling a film camera against a neon-dominated backdrop. As the clip unravels, the rapper takes apart the negative films and watches them slip off his palms. Meanwhile, Jin wins hearts with his undeniable charm, as he rears in a bunch of balloons before releasing them into the air. Though the focus of Jin’s clip is the yellow-hued balloons, for a few seconds viewers can find the vocalist looking up at a bunch of red balloons. The reason for the switch in color however remains unclear. 

Jin and SUGA’s props come as no surprise to the fans. The group’s recently released teaser poster gave the fans a hint towards what can be expected in the upcoming days. With Jung Kook linked to the toasted bread, RM to the party popper, SUGA to the film camera, and Jin to the smiley balloons, it’s just a matter of days before we find out the owners of the remaining props.

In the most BTS-esque manner, the group maintain a thick air of suspense around the composition of “Butter” through the incorporation of pre-existing audio files. While RM and Jung Kook’s clips featured the instrumental version of “2020” by IamDayLight, the bass guitar and cajón (a box-shaped percussion instrument from Peru) ensemble heard in Jin and SUGA’s clips comes from “No Such Thing As Bad Press” by Bunker Buster.

Though the concept clips released thus far differ sonically, the clips resonate with elements inspired by pop art with a playful twist of the dual-projection screening– the amalgamation of both hinting towards the single’s dance-pop composition. 

BTS are all set to release their second all-English track “Butter” and its accompanying music video on May 21 at 1:00 PM KST (10:30 AM IST.)

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