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Watch this Cover of BTS’ ‘Fake Love’ by Undying Inc’s Drummer

Metaller Nishant Hagjer unveils his take on the South Korean group’s record-breaking hit single

Riddhi Chakraborty Jun 22, 2018

Undying Inc's Nishant Hagjer [left] has unveiled a cover of South Korean group BTS' track "Fake Love." Photo of Nishant Hagjer: Puneet Jain and Yeashu Yuvraj

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In one of the more unexpected moves from the indie music scene this year, New Delhi metal band Undying Inc‘s Nishant Hagjer has unveiled a cover of South Korean group BTS‘ track “Fake Love.”

In the video released via his personal YouTube channel, Hagjer presents his rock-infused take on the septet’s 2018 single “Fake Love” from their third studio album Love Yourself 轉 ”˜Tear.’ In the description the drummer states he “never listened to the genre but became a massive fan of the group after watching their music videos.” The most striking moment in the cover comes right after the final breakdown; Hedgar inserts a quick pause in the track before thundering into an impressive display of his skills.

His statement and cover come as a surprise not only because of the vast differences between K-pop and metal as industries and genres, but also because of the disdain fans of each genre have towards the other.

Watch Nishant Hagjer perform his take on “Fake Love” below:


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