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BTS Wrap Up ‘Butter’ Concept Clips With Three New Videos

The newly-released teasers feature members j-hope, Jimin and V

Divyansha Dongre May 05, 2021

[From left] Jimin, V and j-hope star in the final concept clips for BTS' "Butter"

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Building up to the hype for BTS’ upcoming all-English single “Butter,” the septet have unveiled three new concept videos, giving the audience a broader perspective of what the track holds for them.

The latest clips feature member j-hope holding onto a lollipop. The rapper– looking particularly sharp in a suit jacket– is seen moving his body to the bass-synth beats of the background music before crushing the candy onto the ground. Next, we move onto Jimin in a shimmery, black dress shirt. The vocalist is seen drinking some sort of fruit punch or cocktail straight out of a glass bottle. The concept clip series concludes with vocalist V in a buttoned-down suit. Right before he picks up a cup of candies, V teases the audience with a photo strip, showcasing headshots of himself. This could be tied back to SUGA’s concept clip where the rapper was seen using a film camera.

Thanks to the concept clips, the mystery behind the props on the teaser poster has been finally solved. Six out of the seven members are seen leaving the prop in the spot it was photographed in; RM releases the contents of the party popper, leaving confetti on the ground, Jung Kook spreads the heart-shaped block of butter on the toasted piece of bread, SUGA pulls apart the film negatives and tosses them onto the ground, Jin releases the balloons into the air which end up against the ceiling, j-hope crushes the lollipop and V spills the candy onto the floor.  

Each set of clips adopt a different sonic route– RM and Jung Kook’s clips sampled “2020” by IamDayLight, Jin and SUGA’s videos feature “No Such Thing As Bad Press” by Bunker Buster and the latest releases feature the track  “Solanaeace” by Art Against Agony; all three songs were released in 2020. Though they differ musically, all seven clips take on a pop-art-inspired visual route with the incorporation of dual-projection screening and other retro-inspired elements. The mix of all three ties these concept clips back to the single’s dance-pop appeal

The group will carry on the momentum with their series of teaser photos set to release starting May 10th at midnight KST (8:30 PM IST.) “Butter” hits all major streaming platforms on Friday, May 21st at 1:00 PM KST (10:30 AM IST.)  

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