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Carly Rae Jepsen Pines For Haunting Love in New Song ‘Julien’

“‘Julien’ is the song that taught me the heart and direction of this album,” Jepsen says of new Dedicated single

Althea Legaspi Apr 19, 2019

Artwork for "Julien"

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Carly Rae Jepsen pines for a lover that haunts her on her new single, “Julien.” The song is slated to appear on Dedicated, which will be released on May 17th via School Boy/Interscope.

As a glitchy groove unfolds, Jepsen relays a day waking up in a funk about a lover who elicits her to whisper his name and is “the last breath that I breathe.” The obsession can’t be quelled by distraction, either. “I tried another/to keep me satisfied,” she confesses. “But all your colors are still dancing in my mind.”

“‘Julien’ is the song that taught me the heart and direction of this album,” Jepsen tweeted. “Couldn’t keep him for myself any longer.”

Dedicated is Jepsen’s fourth studio album and follows 2015’s memorable Emotion. Her forthcoming 15-song LP includes the previously released “Party for One,” “No Drug Like Me” and “Now That I Found You.” The singer will embark on a tour this summer, beginning on June 27th at House of Blues in Anaheim, California.

Dedicated Track List
1. “Julien”
2. “No Drug Like Me”
3. “Now That I Found You”
4. “Want You in My Room”
5. “Everything He Needs”
6. “Happy Not Knowing”
7. “I’ll Be Your Girl”
8. “Too Much”
9. “The Sound”
10. “Automatically in Love”
11. “Feels Right” featuring Electric Guest
12. “Right Words Wrong Time”
13. “Real Love”
14. “For Sure”
15. “Party for One”

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