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Casio Collaborates with Salim Merchant To Trace His Early Experiences With Music

Marking their 25th anniversary, music production’s giant, Casio has tied up with India’s leading musicians

Divyansha Dongre Aug 01, 2021
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Salim Merchant recalls how a Casio MT-540 became his life and career, “I remember that model had such incredible piano sounds, and Casio’s been famous for its piano sounds.” 

For many, including Salim, Casio keyboards helped lay the foundation for their musical careers. Hours of practice on the keyboard have shaped musicians with a nuanced understanding of harmony and rhythm. It’s notable to see how some of India’s biggest musicians honed their art on a Casio Mini keyboard- A testimony of Casio’s commitment to empowering musicians of tomorrow. 

For 25 years, Casio keyboards have proven to be the sanctuary of inspiration and intrigue for young musicians. Artists such as Salim and others coming from different walks of life inevitably credit Casio as the genesis of their musical journey.

Casio mini keyboards have become popular amongst young musicians. Compact, portable, and packed with premium tones and rhythms; the Casio mini-keyboard helps build the confidence and foundation required to take your piano learning journey to the next level. On the other hand, Casio’s High-Grade keyboards provide essential functions for intermediate learners to experiment with a wide range of high-quality tones and rhythms. Seasoned musicians such as Salim have found assurance in Casio’s high-grade keyboard. Designed to meet the musical sensibilities of advanced players, the high-grade keyboard has been the bearing grounds for some of India’s biggest musical hits.

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Bridging the gap between dreams and reality, Casio’s Chordana Play app is one of the latest edition to the brand’s portfolio. Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, the Chordana Play app provided a learning sanctuary for beginners as they experimented with different rhythms on the app’s digital keyboard. Available for free, the Chordana Play app allows users to master the art of piano playing by leveraging one out of the 50 pre-uploaded songs or upload the MIDI files of your favorite onto your smartphone or tablet. 

To celebrate their 25 years of excellence, Casio has tied up with India’s leading musicians, tracing their early memories with music and Casio keyboards. Revisiting the precise moment that motivated artists to get in touch with their musical persona has turned out an exhilarating experience, lined with nostalgia and delight.

“We are excited to announce our association with music industry pioneers like Shaan, Salim Merchant & Benny Dayal,” expressed Casio India’s Vice President, Kulbhushan Seth. He continued, “This is a great year for us as we celebrate 25 years in India. Being in-line with our core philosophy of Creativity & Contribution – our aim has always been to expand musical instruments market in India by introducing innovative products like Keyboards for beginners with smartphone connectivity for easy learning or slim and stylish portable Pianos for professionals. We’ve been pioneers in the field of Mini Keyboards and feel deeply obliged and humbled to have touched so many lives and inspired many in their childhood to become the great musicians they are now.”  

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Doubling the celebration, Casio wants to hear your story with Casio Mini Keyboard and how it impacted yours or your loved one’s childhood in the #CasioMakesMusicians Giveaway on Instagram. Stand a chance to get featured on Casio India’s page and win exciting prizes by sharing your story on @CasioMusic_In. Search for #CasioMakesMusicians giveaway post and share your comment there to participate.

Watch Salim Merchant share more details of the contest below.

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