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Casio Collaborates With SHAAN To Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary

The Indian Playback Singer on how his dad’s vintage Casio VL-Tone cemented his bond with music.

Divyansha Dongre Jul 31, 2021
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25 years of excellence, music, and memories- Casio has proven to play a crucial role in the lives of musicians since 1996. Through its leading keyboard designs, Casio continues to offer learning solutions at every stage in a musician’s life. Notably, Casio’s Indian keyboard comes packed with authentic Indian tones and rhythms which align with the needs of today’s musicians- musicians who’re determined to share the beauty and solace found within the Indian soundscape. 

For SHAAN, India’s beloved multi-lingual vocalist, an old-school Casio VL-Tone encouraged him to get his hands on his very own Casio Keyboard, “My dad was a musician, he got his hands on a CASIO VL-Tone. It came with all kinds of rhythms like foxtrot, swing, rock. Ever since then, I too had a dream to get hold of something like this.”

A few years later, with his dream of owning a Casio keyboard and honing his artistry on it, SHAAN would go onto purchase a Casio Mini, marking the beginning of a lifelong of cherished memories. 

With an array of tones, rhythms, and keys to choose from, the Casio Mini keyboards are designed to familiarize musicians with different sounds, embodying their artistic persona. In many ways, a Casio Mini keyboard brings an artist closer to their musical ethos, filling their journey with treasured memories. Even during the pandemic, when uncertainty engulfed all, Casio’s Chordana Play app provided constant learning support for budding musicians.

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For some, the app presents itself as an assistive tool, guiding them through the various stages of learning on the keyboard. With the app’s Piano roll-screen view and scoring system that lets you keep track of your progress, beginners can experience the joys of playing their favorite track whilst mastering the notes and keys that constitute it. And with no cost attached to its name, anyone with the slightest interest in learning music can convert their liking to a fulfilling hobby or even career.

To celebrate their 25 years of excellence, Casio has tied up with India’s leading musicians, tracing their early memories of music and Casio keyboards. Revisiting the precise moment that motivated artists to get in touch with their musical persona has turned out to be an exhilarating experience, lined with nostalgia and delight.

Commenting on the collaboration, Kulbhushan Seth, Casio India’s Vice President stated, “We are excited to announce our association with music industry pioneers like Shaan, Salim Merchant & Benny Dayal. This is a great year for us as we celebrate 25 years in India. Being in-line with our core philosophy of Creativity & Contribution – our aim has always been to expand musical instruments market in India by introducing innovative products like keyboards for beginners with smartphone connectivity for easy learning or slim and stylish portable pianos for professionals. We’ve been pioneers in the field of Mini keyboards and feel deeply obliged and humbled to have touched so many lives and inspired many in their childhood to become the great musicians they are now.”  

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To double their celebration, Casio wants to hear your story with Casio Mini keyboard and how it impacted yours or your loved one’s childhood in the #CasioMakesMusicians Giveaway on Instagram. Stand a chance to get featured on Casio India’s page and win exciting prizes by sharing your story on @CasioMusic_In. Search for the # CasioMakesMusicians Giveaway post and share your comment there to participate.

Watch SHAAN’s journey with his Casio Mini Keyboard below

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