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Catch Dr.Eggs Bring ‘Trunk Muzik’ to India This Week

The Hong Kong-based band will showcase energetic rock as part of New Wave Asia 2017 in Mumbai

David Britto Oct 27, 2017

Hong Kong-based band Dr.Eggs will showcase energetic rock as part of New Wave Asia 2017 in Mumbai this week

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Rebellion aptly started for French musician Joul Jacquin when he discovered Nirvana in high school. It took the aggro moroseness of Kurt Cobain to turn Jacquin, who was initiated into music at age four with classical piano training, into a different person.

Jacquin, who performs high-energy rock called “trunk muzik” under the moniker Dr. Eggs, says, “This guy was pretty depressed but inspired a lot of us at this time. I learned guitar by myself and then other instruments.” After touring across Europe and releasing his debut album as Dr. Eggs in 2004 titled Peep Show, Jacquin decided to move to Hong Kong in 2006 and started working with local musicians in the Chinese territory.

There isn’t much Jacquin cannot do; he sings, raps, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and director. Dr. Eggs is now all set to make their India debut as part of the New Wave Asia 2017 music festival in Mumbai between October 28th and 29th. Jacquin visited India at the age of five and says that he “remembers it very clearly.” As far as performances go, the musician has never played a show in the country. He says, “We had to start with a festival so when we were in touch with Ennui.bomb (Mumbai-based record label) for the New Wave Music Fest, we knew it was time.”

Backed by guitarist Billy Wong, bassist Kylie Chow and drummer Envo Chan on stage, Jacquin says a typical Dr. Eggs set “involves a lot of interactions.” He adds, “Please dance, please scream, please talk loud, and please tell us if you are not agreeing with what we say. This festival really needs to be a party. Supporting this event is supporting independent shows.”

Attendees can also expect material off Dr. Eggs’ excellent sophomore record T.I.n.n.S, which released in 2016. The band also has a third album in the pipeline but Jacquin tells us that “albums take time, especially with Dr. Eggs.”

Click here for more details about New Wave Asia 2017. Watch the music video for “Little Thing” below.

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