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Catch Kohra VS B.L.O.T in Pune This Weekend

Ahead of his show with Delhi electronica and audio-visual collective B.L.O.T, Kohra talks about his journey so far.

Shilpa Shah Oct 17, 2013
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Madhav Shorey aka Kohra.

Madhav Shorey aka Kohra.

At 27, Madhav Shorey, who started out as a drum and bass DJ in 2002 after winning a DJ competition at the age of 16, began dabbling in glitch and trip hop and has carved a niche for himself as a genre-bending producer. “A lot of it isn’t even electronic music,” says Shorey, who performs under the alias Kohra, “There are some tracks that have electronica influences, but I find that my biggest inspiration comes from music outside of electronica.” His biggest would have to be one of the legends of dance music ”“ Dubfire. Says Shorey, “He is my hero ”“ one of the best DJs in the world. A DJ of DJs with absolute class.” He uses Dubfire’s approach to sound in his own productions, which he says is ”˜darker, more intelligent,’ to connect with his audience. Says Chennai-based producer Anil Chawla about Madhav’s productions, “Madhav is just one of those DJs that controls the floor. He’s got his own unique sound, style and presence and without a doubt one of my favorite DJs in the country.”

It also helps that his mentors have been the likes of Arjun Vagale, Gaurav Raina of the pioneering Delhi electronica group Midival Punditz and techno producer Jayant Luthra (aka Jitter) who’ve played a major part in forming his career.  Shorey tells us that Luthra has been instrumental in terms of pushing him to experiment and to not hold back when composing. The idea, says Shorey, is to find a sound that isn’t following a trend. This is the thought behind setting up his label Qilla Records in 2011 as well. Adds Shorey, who spent three years studying Design Communication in Australia and performing at clubs when he could, “I realized while being in Australia, how important it is to have a label.” He set up Qilla because he wanted to push music that didn’t have the kind of exposure it deserved. The intention of the label, he says, was not to release the “next big hit” but push the boundaries of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Qilla Records has since had releases from artists like minimal techno Dutch artist SQL aka Pim Van Horssen, the Irish techno DJ Gavin Lynch better known as Matador, German techno DJs DNox & Beckers aka Christian Wedekind and Frank Beckers. Along with all these artists, there have been releases from the likes of Delhi-based electronica and visual art collective B.L.O.T and former Jalebee Cartel member Ash Roy, who have also contributed to the success of the label.

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So why isn’t Madhav pushing himself out there and playing internationally like his counterparts? Getting signed onto a really good international label and playing at different venues abroad is also something Madhav believes would help in forming what he wants to deliver to the listeners. Shorey wants to showcase a completely different side to techno and deep house, without having to use a standard formula to deliver the next big hit. Says Shorey, “My focus is primarily on deconstructing my sounds and playing a live set. Technically, this is extremely difficult.”

Shorey adds that what he wants to achieve in terms of sound and production will be ready by 2014, which is when he hopes to begin his international tours. “In a scene which has been so formula-oriented, I’ve kind of put my head down and had the balls  to break away and find my own sound. It is something I believe in strongly and if I’m not feeling it, I won’t put it out there. As a DJ, it is about creating a vibe and building upon it, and that is essentially what my entire career is all about.”

Kohra performs at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender with Delhi-based electronica and audio-visual collective B.L.O.T. in Pune on October 19th during the 7.15-8.15 pm slot at the Eristoff Wolves Den

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