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Celebrate The Spirit of Outdoor Travelling with Garmin India and Khasi Bloodz’s ‘Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit’ 

Accompanied by a music video, the company shows India the joys of outdoor travelling 

Divyansha Dongre Nov 23, 2021

Fueled by the adrenaline rush of travel enthusiasts, Garmin India in association with Shillong-based rap group, Khasi Bloodz has released the travel hip-hop anthem “Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit.” 

Encapsulating Garmin’s digital campaign- ‘Open the Door to the World,’ the track is a tribute to those willing to challenge themselves. While the untimely developments of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed travelling to the backseat, “Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit” aims at reigniting the passion of adventure, including one’s love for fitness. With the Indian economy slowly opening up, embracing travelling once again, and citizens completing their vaccination courses, the track’s core ethos reflects the spirit of a resilient country whose people continue to overcome challenges with ease.

Conceptualized by Khasi Bloodz, the anthem embodies the spirit of Garmin’s adventure series- Garmin Instinct Solar and Garmin Fēnix Solar.  The motivating and inspiring lyrics of the song, “I’mma reach as far as the rays of the sun coz my instincts solar. Even if I’d fall I’ll rise again like a Fénix, this time I’mma be bolder,” narrates the tale of various characters pursuing their fitness and travel goals.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Ali Rizvi, Director, Garmin India, said “Our outdoor digital campaign has received good traction and success by the adventure seeker exhibiting their travel desires. The mass vaccination and reduced COVID-19 cases have infused confidence in people, and they are travelling for relaxation and taking a break from their daily routine.” 

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Hip-hop has become the language of today’s generation, and the idea to rope in Khasi Bloodz was a stellar move by Garmin as the song strikes the right chords with the youth. The energetic synth hip-hop track focuses on the journey of several individuals- a dancer, musician, corporate employee, fitness enthusiast, rock climber, and cyclist. With little to know about their backstories, the protagonists wear a face of determination and zeal, wanting to fulfil their purposes.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut the doors of many outdoor establishments including dance studios, offices, and gyms, leaving many demotivated. With the economy opening up, the music video mirrors the sentiments of many Indians returning to their lives before the pandemic. The curated selection of characters creates an interesting mix of stories, highlighting how different individuals are embracing the great outdoors. As the music video progresses, we see each character defy their challenges spiritedly. While the dancer virtually signs off from a team meeting, she immediately embraces the dancer in her as she twirls and moves her body to the beat. On the other hand, we see a musician lost in his world of harmonies and a corporate employee hustling at work for his professional growth and outdoors for his fitness goals.

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With travel and fitness on the radar, we also see the cyclist and rock climber testing their limits all while discovering a new terrain locked inside a lush green forest. The effectiveness of the montage is further heightened by Khasi Bloodz fiery rap delivery, acting as a celebratory single and wake-up call to those locked inside their comfort zones; “The song pays respect to all those who are overcoming their challenges every single day and bouncing back towards the road of positivity with their undying spirit and passion towards outdoor adventures, “Rizvi further revealed. 

The video further positions Garmin’s adventure series as an adventure seeker’s trusted partner. With various features designed to make life easier for today’s hustler, the smartwatches are seen accompanying the characters throughout the day, helping them attain their goals. Amped further by the watch’s sleek design and minimalistic features, the Garmin adventure series effortlessly fit the style quotients of people coming from different walks of life.

The music video concludes on a triumphant note with the characters excelling in their tasks. The heartening and jubilant movements shared on-screen are a fitting example of the age-long saying ‘those who try never fail’- an accurate definition of the people Garmin India celebrates.