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Chennai Garage Rockers Skrat Release Tour Video

Titled ‘The Loverider Experience,’ the short film chronicles the band’s biking tour trips around the country last year

Disha Deshpande Mar 11, 2015
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Back in November 2014, members of Chennai-based garage rock band Skrat clocked 3,600 km in a month as they rode their way to seven gigs across the country including Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Goa and Hyderabad.  The band now plans to release a light-hearted documentary-style short film titled “The Loverider Experience” that logs the band’s journey. Skrat’s vocalist T.T.Sriram says, “A lot of people told us it is stupid for us to do it [biking tour], that we are mad, before we did it in November. When we were on the road, we too thought we were doing something difficult but when we came back we realized it wasn’t.”

For Skrat, the Pune and Bengaluru NH7 Weekender editions were the most challenging and most rewarding. “At the Bangalore Weekender, the crowd was louder than the bass and beats. I couldn’t hear myself or my monitors,” says Sriram. Life on the road, recalls Sriram, was hectic with back-to-back gigs. “Riding from Goa to Pune in one day, waking up the next morning for sound check, performing and immediately leaving the next day for Chennai. That was probably the most difficult and hectic section of our ride,” Sriram adds.

The short film also captures their set and the crowd at NH7 weekender in Delhi in 2014. “It was one of the best shows that we have played. Everything came together; the sound was great, we never had any issues on stage and the crowd was fantastic. It wasn’t really a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and most of them were listening to us for the first time, and they responded really well. It kind of surprised us.”

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In between the seven gigs they snagged to fund their short film, including the four NH7 Weekender editions in 2014, the Royal Enfield Rider Mania and a gig in their hometown, the crew made a planned stop in the temple-town of Kalasa in southern Karnataka. “Kalasa is a great place if you really like off-road motorcycling and trails. We took a jeep and did a whole 30 km trail through the coffee plantations and it was fantastic,” says Sriram of the trip, which will also be part of “The Loverider Experience” video.

The short film will end with the official video to their track “Love Rider” from their third album The Queen, which will be based on bikers and their passion for bikes.

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