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Guitarist Chirag Todi Stacks Up Groovy Funk on New Song ‘Be Easy’

The Ahmedabad-based composer teams up with singer-drummer Yohan Marshall and more, with an animated video to boot

Anurag Tagat Dec 10, 2020

Ahmedabad-based guitarist and songwriter Chirag Todi. Photo: Karan Tiwari

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For the second single off his upcoming EP Panodrama, Ahmedabad-based guitarist and songwriter Chirag Todi takes the figurative and sonic connotations of funk and puts it into “Be Easy.”

Like his previous single “Desire” (which featured vocalists Tanya Nambiar and Pushkar Srivatsal), Todi calls on new collaborators — drummer and vocalist Yohan Marshall aka YodaDrunk and go-to saxophonist Abhay Sharma from jazz-funk act The Revisit Project — as well as Ahmedabad-based bandmates from his jazz act Heat Sink, including bassist-producer Raag Sethi, keyboardist Nayan Kapadia and Protyay Chakraborty helming mix and master duties.

Todi says the beginnings for “Be Easy” was rooted in a Instagram video collaboration with Sharma. A guitar and sax jam inspired the former to sketch it into a full song. Thematically, Todi let Marshall write the lyrics and called on animation artist Chirag Chaudhary for a rueful, surreal music video to go with it. In a statement, the guitarist talks about how “Be Easy” deals with deep-rooted psychological facets such as “inhibitions and insecurities” that leave one “entangled in a deep mess.” He adds, “You end up taking out frustrations on the people around you and not being able to understand their perspective. At these times, you just need a good friend to remind you to ‘Be Easy.’ I am very grateful to the closest people in my life who have always been there for me even in my harshest times. This song is a tribute to them.” 

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In the somewhat tempestuous music video directed by Chaudhary, a male protagonist is seen mired in emotional anguish, conjuring a spectral female protagonist who seems equally troubled. With visual cues that hint toward multiple identities and soul-searching, the video slowly unravels a larger story arch involving Todi himself.

Watch the video for “Be Easy” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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