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Classic Rock Coffee Co. Launches Weekly Podcast CRCC Radio Indie

Pune-based music venue plays host to the pan-Indian podcast, aims to launch online radio station soon

Nabeela Shaikh Jun 02, 2016
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Lambada performing at the launch of Classic Rock Coffee Co. Photo courtesy of Krazybucket Production.

Lambada performing at the launch of Classic Rock Coffee Co. Photo courtesy of Krazybucket Production.

Pune-based live performance space Classic Rock Coffee Co. ”” which hosts everything from stand-up comedy to metal gig series Reverse Scenario ”” has now launched the independent music community’s first venue-rooted podcast, CRCC Radio Indie. The series, which is aimed at broadcasting and promoting music from across the country, is helmed and hosted by [singer-songwriter and frontman of Pune funk/ blues band Moonstruck Project] Prateek Bhaduri and produced under the flagship of event management company Krazybucket Production.

Curated by Bhaduri in partnership with the venue, CRCC Radio Indie will program an established, long-standing artist alongside an up-and-coming act every episode. Says Bhaduri, “We thought about what we could do to knit it up into one solid product that benefits a layman who doesn’t know jackshit about [independent music] as well as someone who really follows the scene as well”¦ I came up with the concept and the owner [of CRCC] obliged.” The podcast, which will be premiered at the venue everyTuesday, will also be accompanied by live performances by the featured artists — which range from metallers Dark Helm and Abraxas to Moonstruck Project in the coming weeks. Eventually, CRCC plans to take the initiative pan-India, by programming and hosting acts from across the country.

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Ask Bhaduri about how he will ensure that the podcast garners maximum reach and he says that instead of reaching out to [independent online service] Radio City Freedom which draws an already-indie-inclined [and therefore limited] listenership, or an English-oriented station like Radio 94.3 that offered them late-night, low-audience airtime, CRCC turned to 93.5 Red FM. The radio network””best known for Bollywood and regional content””offered prime airtime and heavy-duty promotion, not to mention an almost nationwide following. “A bigger demographic means exposing fresh listeners to independent music; that’s what our whole motto is anyway,” explains Bhaduri. “Even if they are known for their Bollywood angle, them shifting their style of working to this is a win in the first place.”

Apart from the weekly podcast, Bhaduri and co. are plotting an online CRCC radio station and a strong social presence that will ultimately lead back to discovering new independent bands.  Says Bhaduri, “We’re trying to generate this whole buzz that these are your bands””don’t neglect them. You can listen to whatever internationally, but these are your people, this is their sound.”

Listen to the first edition of CRCC Radio Indie podcast below.

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