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Coldplay Features Puppet Band the Weirdos in New ‘Biutyful’ Video

“We just tried to get their attention and say, ‘Please, one day, can we work together?’” Chris Martin previously said about the Weirdos

Tomás Mier Jul 07, 2022

The Weirdos are joining Chris Martin and Coldplay in the new music video for the band’s song “Biutyful.” On Wednesday, the band released the music video from their 2021 Music of the Spheres LP.

The Mat Whitecross-directed video features the puppet band trying — and failing — to make it as musicians in a “human only” world. But when they see a sign pointing “weirdos” to a local bar, they go inside and find others who look just like them. There, they get together and become the “most popular band in the world,” proving weirdos are “Biutyful” too.

Martin first introduced the puppet band — comprising singer Angel Moon, drummer Donk, guitarist Sparkman, and the Wizard — on The Tonight Show last month, when he performed the track for Jimmy Fallon and explained how the band from outer space met with the Coldplay frontman.

“The rest of the band, Coldplay and I, we were lucky enough to get tickets to see them in concert, we just tried to get their attention and say, ‘Please, one day, can we work together?’” Martin said.

The Weirdos — who recently signed to Atlantic Records — have been joining Coldplay on the Music of the Spheres tour. The video release follows the “Let Somebody Go” video with Selena Gomez earlier this year.

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The group is currently touring the LP, which featured songs like “My Universe” with BTS and “Higher Power.”

From Rolling Stone US.


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