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Coldplay Release New Disco-Pop Single ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’

The song is part of the British rock band’s upcoming seventh studio album, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’, out in December

Nabeela Shaikh Nov 06, 2015
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Album art for Coldplay's upcoming studio album 'A Head Full of Dreams.'

Album art for Coldplay’s upcoming studio album ‘A Head Full of Dreams.’

“We are diamonds/ Taking shape,” sings Chris Martin on the band’s latest pop/funk-leaning track “Adventure of a Lifetime,” giving a taste of what fans can expect from their upcoming seventh studio album, A Head Full of Dreams.

If 2014’s Ghost Stories was frontman Chris Martin’s bittersweet introspection following his divorce with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, A Head Full of Dreams seems to be Martin’s silver-lining serenade. Whether it’s the rainbow-laden artwork [complete with a flower of life], the optimistic album title, or even the song’s chorus: “I feel my heart beating/ Oh, you make me feel/Like I’m alive again,” the message is clear: the band wants to spread happiness with this record.

Martin recently made fleeting appearance in Delhi for a surprise gig and a month later, flew down to Mumbai for a video shoot with the band. A Head Full of Dreams is out on December 4th.


Listen to “A Lifetime of Adventure” below.

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